Carlisle 38704CSIB Stainless Steel Four-Quart Insulated Condiment Caddy with Four Lids, 25-1/8″ x 7-5/8″ x 3-5/8″ Review

Carlisle 38704CSIB Stainless Steel Four-Quart Insulated Condiment Caddy with Four Lids, 25-1/8

The Carlisle 38704CSIB stainless steel four-quart insulated condiment caddy has four quart-size inserts and four hinged lids and is suitable for holding condiments or other foods and keeping them cold for service. The condiment caddy is made of stainless steel for sturdiness and resistance to corrosion. The four removable, quart-size inserts are made of clear polyethylene for durability and have smooth contours for cleaning. The hinged lids help protect the food in the caddy from spills and airborne contaminants. Each insert has its own lid for convenience and cleanliness. The lids are made of acrylic resin for resistance to shattering, impacts, and most non-abrasive cleaners and are clear for identifying contents at a glance. Each lid has a notch for a serving spoon or ladle (sold separately). The caddy is insulated and contains ice packs for keeping its contents cold. Rubber feet on the bottom of the caddy help keep countertops from getting scratched. One quart-size insert may be replaced in the caddy with two pint-size inserts (sold separately) for versatility. The condiment caddy measures 25.13 x 7.63 x 3.63 inches (L x W x H). (L is length, the horizontal distance from left to right; W is width, the horizontal distance from front to back; H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point.)

Carlisle manufactures food service equipment and supplies and sanitary maintenance tools and supplies for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.

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